Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Missing Rex

One of Luke's best buddies is our dog Rex. From day one, it was a boy and his dog. When Luke left for Notre Dame, he said the thing he would miss most would be Rex. We asked why and he said Rex couldn't talk to him like we could. (Good point!) Now that Luke is able to Skype, we put Rex up to the camera and Luke whistles and talks to him. In this picture, Rex is doing a favorite activity, sunbathing out in the hot Arizona sun. Rex is waiting patiently for you at the front door, Luke:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Walk To School Through Luke's Eyes

I asked Luke to send pictures so we could see what he sees each day. At this point his life is very simple, get up, eat, go to class or "The Barn" to study, eat, go to class or Barn, eat, study, then Skype us at the end of the day. He took pictures to show what his daily walk looks like.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Study, study.....great results!

The first picture is of Luke with Kyle (his Arizona buddy) and other right after Exam I. The university puts on a time for the students to eat, drink, and relax for the evening before heading back to class in the morning. He actually called and said, "This place is a cool place if you are not under so much pressure."

We are so lucky to Skype Luke each evening and follow in his steps each day. His life is very simple at this point... Go to class, eat lunch, study, study, study, eat dinner, study, study, study. He did well on his first Mini Exam and took a Histology Lab Exam last Friday and made an A!!! His next big exam is on July 5th, so off he goes with trying to get all of the info into his brain for another big test. He's really enjoying working on his "dead guy" and learning a lot about his own body as he goes along. Anatomy has turned out to be his favorite subject. He hasn't sent any pictures recently, so I'm going to post some he sent when he first arrived in Dominica and had some time to enjoy the island. On Sunday night he shared he might be able to come home over his August break. I was so excited that I did not sleep at all that night. Hope, pray, hope, pray he can come home so we can spoil him for awhile.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mini Exam 1 is over!!

We talked to Luke tonight and after massive amounts of studying and stressing out, he completed his first mini test today. It is amazing that they can give you one test over five subjects in 2 1/2 hours. He felt he did OK and will only know after the results. The school threw a big party on the beach after the test. He commented, "This is a pretty cool place if you weren't stressed out all of the time." It was nice to see some relief on his face and know he had gone out to have some fun.