Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mini Exam 1 - One week away!

Luke continues to Skype with us each evening and has truly found his pace in studying. He's putting in enormous hours of studying per day in the "Barn" with his ear phones and computer rolling. He feels it is paying off as he reviews with his buddies and 2nd semester friends (many thanks to Kyle and Wincie for the encouragement.) His first big test is Monday, June 7th, so please keep praying. I know he will do well and has started seeing a connection between what he is studying and what they are doing in lab.
The third box sent has arrived at Ross! Luke is going to pick it up on Monday and we are starting a new box to send now that we have faith in the mailing system. I told Luke tonight it is too bad someone hasn't come up with a "errand runner for hire" business for single students. He is continually trying to find his laundry, has no time to go to market or buy bread when they are open, and everything takes enormous amounts of time to do since the locals move on "island time."
As we were talking to him tonight he started laughing. One of his buddies took this picture when they were on one of their tours the first week. It was pouring down rain and he looked a bit bored. I guess the picture says it all.

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